• "Ronnie is a FANTASTIC instructor. Very well versed and adaptive to his students. He came highly recommended and after training, I too laud his craft

    Michael, Google Review

  • "Great wealth of knowledge and a class “A” good guy also!!"

    Jack, Facebook Review

  • "What can I say except WOW! Had such a great time today. Ronnie is so patient and shares his knowledge! I will be back for more training. Thank you sir!"

    Shannon, Facebook Review

  • "I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to train for a day with Ronnie Dodd from Dodd and Associates a few weeks ago.

    I have been an avid shooter for over 25 years and own Safe Shot Firearms Instruction. I have trained a lot over the years and I am a huge proponent of taking as much training as you can. I can say with certainty that Mr. Dodd is a top rate instructor. He articulates the material and methodology of Reactive Shooting extremely well. I guess that goes without saying since he is the lead instructor at the Roger's School! I was impressed with how well Mr. Dodd related his personal experience in shooting to the class and how great a job he did fostering a "can do" attitude in the students that were there learning. It has been my experience as an instructor that this is one of the hardest things to accomplish in teaching a skill; getting the student to see it as attainable rather than seeing you as the expert and them as not able to achieve your skill level. Mr. Dodd is a master at accomplishing that goal. I think everyone in the class left feeling like they had dramatically improved their shooting and with practice, would be able to attain the same speed and accuracy that Mr. Dodd displayed. If you want to learn reactive shooting or how to shoot defensively Mr. Dodd is the guy to learn from.

    As someone who was trained through the traditional military and federal law enforcement methods, I was excited to get exposed to the Reactive Shooting method. A the risk of sounding like I drank the Kool-aid, I am a convert to the methodology. It makes complete sense to me over the "squeeze the trigger and be surprised" method that has traditionally been taught. I look forward to taking one of Dodd and Associates three day schools this spring and furthering my development of their method.

    Ken, Google Review

  • "Ronnie Dodd is a great instructor and puts on an excellent shooting course. It’s a very humbling experience... even for the best of shooters. This has to be one of the best shooting courses I’ve ever been through and I walked away a much more proficient shooter."

    Heather, Facebook Review

  • "I'm not sure where to start! Mr.Dodd is a great instructor for the beginner or the person that has been shooting for many of years. He brings new ideas to the table and can show new ways to critique yourself and make you a better shooter. Mr.Dodd is a very patient person and this is just another example of why he is great with the beginner shooters. I have taken my concealed carry permit class from Mr.Dodd and I am looking forward to taking more classes with him very soon. Thank you Mr.Dodd for your willingness to show others all you have learned through out all your years of training and competition. Can't wait to shoot with you again!!!"

    Kevin, Facebook Review

  • "I am a beginner shooter and took the Concealed Carry class. Extensive, clear, classroom teaching. Mr. Dodd was patient and provided one-on-one help for me while shooting. I’ll be going back for more advanced training in the future."

    Julie, Facebook Review

  • "Comes very highly recommended by Officer Moses of the Soddy-Daisy Police Department. My husband & I are looking to "brush up" on our skills & state requirements / laws. Looking forward to this. Thinking grandpa George Privett is laughing down on me !!!"

    Marji, Facebook Review

  • "Ronnie is definitely a good man and a really great instructor. My best wishes."

    Sergio, Facebook Review

  • "I just took the intro reactive course and I thoroughly recommend it! It is a very humbling course and will definitely show your weaknesses and make you a better shooter. I will definitely be shooting with Mr. Dodd again!"

    Andrew, Facebook Review

  • Five Stars

    Matthew R, Google Review