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7 December 2019
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Introduction To Handgun Shooting

Gun Safety Rules, What Gun is best for me, What is the objective of you owning a handgun, Types of Handguns, Holsters, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Loading, Ammunition Malfunctions, Cleaning, and much more!


Great For Beginners

Most Popular Classes

Dodd training offers a wide variety of firearm classes to choose from. From mastering your TN Handgun Permit License to advanced self defense skills, Ronnie Dodd has the background, experience and teaching know how to bring you to the next level of marksmanship.


Tennessee Handgun Safety Course

With Dodd & Associates Training you learn the safety and skills to master your TN Handgun Carry Permit test.


Rogers Reactive Course

An exclusive three day class using the same facility that SEALS, Delta, Force Recon and other Spec Op groups have trained on.


Competition 101

Learn the basics of competition shooting. This is an entry level class to the world of sport shooting.

Firearms Training

Altough the majority of visitors are looking to obtain a basic permit to carry legally, Dodd & Associates offers so much more. Below are some of the other firearms training that we offer. If you need special instruction from Ronnie’s extensive background, please just give us a call or send a message through the website.

Fundamentals of Concealed Carry

So you have your carry permit, now what? This course goes into great detail about the responsibilities and legal implications of carrying a handgun for defense.

Basic Shotgun

If you are thinking about getting a shotgun for self-defense at home, then this course is an absolute must for your family.

Dynamic and Personal Protection/Intro into Home Protection

Do you know what you are looking for?  Learn how to spot signs of dangerous situations and better protect your family and loved ones.

How Not To Become A Hostage But Survive If You Do

This class teaches you how to avoid situations that make you a target, and then what to do if the unthinkable happens to you.

Competition 201

This course covers tactics for experienced shooters. Designed to improve skills against other shooters.

Advanced Pistol

Bring your ‘A’ game as we sharpen your tactical shooting skills. This class is designed to fully test your firearms knowledge and abilities.

Ladies Only Basic Pistol Course

Obviously, ladies only. Designed for women who are not familiar with firearms and those that want a refresher course.

Concealed Carry for the Business Person

This class is tailored for the business owner or business person that desires to carry everyday during work for protection.

Tactical Carbine

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of defense with the semiautomatic carbine the 5.56mm (.223 Remington) and the 7.62 x 39mm (.30 caliber Russian Short), effective from pistol range out to medium distance, approximately 300 yards.

About Us

Professional instruction is the first step to successful self-defense shooting. In our seminars you will receive intensive lectures, extensive live fire drills and help in the selection of the best weapon system for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive professional and up to date firearms training available. Each course we offer is designed to achieve a specific goal or training objective. We constantly update the courses we offer and will be adding several in the near future.


Ronnie is a FANTASTIC instructor. Very well versed and adaptive to his students. He came highly recommended and after training, I too laud his craft

C.S. Lewis

Ronnie Dodd is a great instructor and puts on an excellent shooting course. It’s a very humbling experience... even for the best of shooters. This has to be one of the best shooting courses I’ve ever been through and I walked away a much more proficient shooter.

C.S. Lewis

I am a beginner shooter and took the Concealed Carry class. Extensive, clear, classroom teaching. Mr. Dodd was patient and provided one-on-one help for me while shooting. I’ll be going back for more advanced training in the future.

C.S. Lewis

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