Tactical Shotgun


Basic Shotgun

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This course will teach you the handling, firing and tactical usage of the shotgun as a recreational tool, as well as a self defense weapon!


8 hours



General Overview:

This course is a follow up to the Basic Shotgun and is designed for the individual with the primary focus on the use of a shotgun in an operational/defensive status. Tactical shotgun is directed towards developing tactical shooting skills and understanding the multiple functions of a shotgun in a real world environment.

Classroom work also includes: Lecture material on mental preparation for using a shotgun as a fighting weapon system.

Range work included in this extensive class covers the following topics:

  • Shotgun characteristics and accessories as well as different carry/sling techniques.
  • Effectively and efficiently mounting the gun from high and low ready positions
  • Performing quick and efficient reloads and Ammunition Change-over drills.
  • Utilizing Recoil Management during a multitude of drills that involve multiple shots on multiple targets from static, 90 and 180 degree facing movements.
  • Handling your shotgun with extreme confidence while shooting from adverse angles, and shooting on the move.
  • Shooting the shotgun in a variety of positions and transition to those positions under strict time requirements utilizing different types of cover and concealment.
  • Progression to shooting hand only pistol shooting that enables the shooter to effectively transition to their secondary weapon.

Required Equipment:

  • Safe and serviceable: handgun, serviceable holster, 3 reloading devices (speed loaders/magazines) shotgun - preferably no single barrel shotgun-unless that is all you have. Shotgun with sling will be very beneficial.
  • 100 Rounds of pistol ammo
  • 300 Rounds of skeet load, low brass is ok
  • 5 Rounds of slugs
  • 10 Rounds of Buckshot
  • Hearing Protection and Shooting Glasses are MANDATORY
  • Student should bring a sack lunch. Water will be provided by Dodd & Associates.
  • Baseball Style hat