Ronnie Dodd is a 24-year veteran of law enforcement with a wide-ranging background in training and operations and extensive experience in the tactical application of firearms. He has taught police tactics at the Kosovo Police Service School in Vuchtri, Kosovo and at Skopje, Macedonia, where he trained officers for the Macedonian National Police. Mr. Dodd was Head of Operational Policing for The Jordan International Police Training Center for the new Iraqi Police Service from its inception until April 05.

Ronnie Dodd is nationally ranked in pistol competition and travels all over the United States teaching firearms techniques. He is an instructor certified to teach by the State of Tennessee, F.B.I., Heckler & Koch, U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, N.R.A., Orange County (FL) SWAT, Dept. of Justice -International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program and Organization Security Co-Operation of Europe (OSCE). He has served as an instructor for several nationally known training facilities and is currently working with Bill Rogers at Rogers Shooting School. He is a graduate of many specialized training programs, including but not limited to Gunsite, Bill Rogers Shooting School, Blackwater Training Center, Heckler & Koch, and the FBI Special Weapons Course.

He is currently Operations Manager for Rogers Shooting School, and their lead Instructor, as well as owner operator of Dodd & Associates located in Sale Creek, TN