Rogers Reactive Course


Intermediate or skills test

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In this dynamic three-day class the student will have a chance to train where some of our countries top military units have trained.   Spec Op groups have trained as well as thousands of law enforcement and civilian personnel.


3 Days


3 Days $800

4 Days $1050

General Overview:

Dodd and Associates, the preeminent personal training school in eastern Tennessee, is now proud to expand its excellent class offerings with a new Rogers Reactive Range. Located in Sale Creek, TN, Dodd and Associates combines the best training available under Master Instructor Ronnie Dodd, with the best tactical pistol course available. 

As Chief Instructor for Rogers Shooting School for twelve years, Mr. Dodd makes his extensive experience and training knowledge available to all skill levels – novice to expert.
Bill Rogers designed reactive target courses to challenge and enhance the skill level of any shooter. Targets appear and disappear, providing an incremental learning experience which reinforces good shooting skills, while diagnosing poor skills. The program replicates the minimal amount of time a shooter will have to successfully neutralize an adversary. Using this system, the Rogers Course specializes in teaching clients to successfully engage and hit small reactive targets that are moving and only exposed for a fraction of a second. 

Rogers reactive steel targets provide instant feedback on the shooters target acquisition, trigger pull and follow though. Students will enjoy seeing their skills improve as the tests are repeated providing quantitative feedback. Reactive steel training is both physically and mentally challenging for shooters of all skill levels.
The Rogers reactive steel training course consists of seven targets at seven to 18 yards that are pneumatically operated and controlled by computer via the range instructor. 

There are nine primary tests, all designed by Bill Rogers over thirty years ago. They will challenge and test the shooter’s skills. Throughout the courses of fire, 8” steel targets are only exposed for .5 to 1.75 of a second. That’s highly challenging considering the average “precision shooter’s” reaction time to hit a target from a security holster is about 1.5 seconds. Training on the course is designed for use with pistol and pistol caliber carbine, to provide maximal training versatility.
Rogers reactive target systems may be found at other fine training locations, but none in TN. Also, they can provide the level of personal training under Mr. Dodd, having been the Chief Instructor at Rogers Shooting School.


  • Safe and serviceable SEMI-AUTO pistol or revolver
  • Three high cap magazines, Four if single stack
  • Sturdy belt, holster (no Serpas) and magazine pouches
  • 1,500 rounds of ammunition
  • Hearing and Eye Protection are MANDATORY (we can provide if you do not have)
  • Student should bring a sack lunch (Water will be provided by Dodd & Associates)
  • A baseball style special edition hat will be issued.