Rogers Advanced Gun Cleaning Solution


The Rogers Advanced Gun Cleaning Solution is four New separate unique chemical compounds that work harmoniously together to remove or dissolve any carbon, burnt powder residue, copper fouling, and lead fouling, to completely clean any pistol, rifle or shotgun. The kit has four steps of cleaning which coincide with the number on the bottles. The process begins with the Advanced Bore Cleaning Solution, then moves to the Action Cleaning Gel, followed by the Gun Cleaning Rinse Concentrate, and finishes off with a Premium Lubricant. The kit accomplishes all this while at the same time being no more harmful or toxic than common machine dishwasher detergents, which allows for safe use within the home, garage, basement, etc. The chemicals are water-based, nonflammable, practically odorless, and safer for the user and the environment than many conventional cleaners based on chlorinated or ammoniated chemistries. There is no other kit on the market like it. This is the Solution to Advanced Gun Cleaning!