Intermediate Pistol


Basic or Practical

Open To:



This course gives the student solid training in the defensive use of the handgun. Our classes are geared towards teaching practical, reality based firearm techniques.


16 hours



General Overview:

In this 16 hour course the student will be instructed in:

  • New firing positions; including movement, and barricades
  • Cover tactics and mental training skills to improve your odds of survival on the street.
  • How to achieve effective control of the handgun during high stress shooting situations to help cut down on misses and poor hits
  • The secrets of effective trigger control to ensure that the hits are proper and centerline
  • Reactive shooting skills to enable the student to respond to sudden, deadly force situations
  • New visual skills and sighting techniques that work under high stress conditions
  • Multiple target engagement
  • One handed shooting
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Low light shooting techniques

Required Equipment:

    • Ammunition: minimum of 800 rounds
    • Serviceable pistol of .380 Caliber or larger
    • Suitable belt and holster
    • Minimum of two spare reloading devices
    • Wraparound eye protection and ear protection are mandatory
    • Handgun cleaning equipment

This class is limited to 15 students.