IDPA Competition

RANGE COMMANDS & SAFETY – No loaded guns, guns holstered, no mags in guns.

1. At your car – Put on your gear, clear your gun, holster it then keep it
holstered unless you’re under thedirect supervision of an SO and given the range command to “load and make ready” or otherwise specifically instructed to unholster the gun by the SO.

2. Wear eye and ear protection at all times while on the range. Including spectators.

3. You will get a COF description and safety walk through before shooting starts.

4. Safety Officer Range Commands:


  • A. Load and Make Ready.  
  • B. Shooter Ready.
  • C. Standby.  


  • D. Unload and Show Clear.  
  • E. Slide Forward or Cylinder Closed.  
  • F. Hammer Down.  
  • G. Holster.  
  • H. Range Is Safe.

5. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard during loading, unloading, drawing, re-holstering, while moving (unless engaging targets) or during remedial action.

6. Keep the muzzle within the designated “Muzzle Safe Points” and below the berm.  


1. Use cover if it’s available. Hide 50% of your upper torso and 100% of legs and feet.

2. Shoot targets in Tactical Priority. That means: If you have COVER – as they become visible. NO COVER – near to far.

3. Use IDPA approved reload – slide lock, tactical or with retention. If you’re not at slide lock you must retain the magazine, empty or not.

4. All Reloads must be done while using cover if available.

5. Don’t leave cover with an empty gun.

6. No air gunning or ghosting.  


1. Three scoring areas on targets – 0, -1 and -3 points down. Miss is -5 points down. Add half second per point down.

2. Vickers scoring system. Elapsed time + points down + penalties.

3. Penalties – PE(3 seconds), FTN(5), HNT(5), FTDR(20) and DQ.

4. Vickers Count – no limit on rounds fired. Limited Vickers – specified number of rounds, loss of highest hit foreach round exceeding number but only one procedural penalty.