Dynamic and Personal Protection/Intro into Home Protection



Open To:



This course will help expand your awareness of your home, and personal environment.


8 hours



General Overview:

In this course of class room lecture and range work you will learn on how to set up your home for optimum standards of safety for you and your family. You will 

learn pitfalls on your home situation that may be drawing unwanted parties to your residence even as you read this. You will learn bullet ballistics and what works inside a home and what does not, or poses more of a threat to your loved ones if used improperly. Additional topics covered: mental conditioning - Combat triad / mindset, choice of weapons, appropriate holsters, and selection ideas, clothing selection, just to name a few.

Range work for this extensive class will cover such topics as:

  • Demonstration on what happens to bullets as they are fired into wall type structures.
  • Bullet ballistics and what works inside a home and what does not
  • Experiencing firing a pistol, shotgun, and rifle

Required Equipment:

  • Hearing and Shooting Glasses are MANDATORY
  • Student should bring a sack lunch. Water will be provided by Dodd & Associates.
  • Weapons and ammunition will be provided by Dodd & Associates