Concealed Carry for the Business Person



Open To:



This course is for the business owner or citizen who plans on carrying a handgun everyday to protect their business or their loved ones.


8 hours



General Overview:

In today's society many of you have decided to go armed on a daily basis. In this class you will receive lecture and hands on training. Lecture topics will cover: how to properly carry a concealed weapon, what weapon is best for you, use of force continuum, metal preparedness for use of force, legal issues pertaining to going armed, how to survive physically and legally in an deadly force situation.

Range work will cover topics of: drawing from a variety of positions, clothing apparel, reactive shooting vs precision shooting, decision making shooting, and multiple targets engagement, just to name some. This is not a beginner's course nor a Handgun Carry Permit Course. You should have a good working knowledge of gun handling and safe usage of same.

This course will cover:

  • Mental conditioning
  • Combat triangle / mind set
  • Choice of weapons
  • Appropriate holsters, and selection ideas
  • Clothing selection
  • Presentation from the holster(s)
  • Tactical scenarios
  • Shooting from various positions
  • Shoot / No Shoot situations

Required Equipment:

  • Ammunition: minimum of 500 rounds
  • Serviceable pistol of .380 Caliber or larger
  • Suitable belt and holster
  • Minimum of two spare reloading devices
  • Business style coat/jacket
  • Wraparound eye protection and ear protection are mandatory
  • Handgun cleaning equipment

This class is limited to 15 students.