Basic Handgun



Open To:



This course is for those new to handling and shooting a handgun, and for those just needing a refresher for the basics.


8 hours



General Overview:

This course will teach basic marksmanship skills and will cover aspects of operating a handgun. It will also include, safe gun handling skills, safety with weapons, legal issues, nomenclature, and maintenance of your handgun.

Range work for this extensive class will cover such topics as:

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Control
  • Follow Thru
  • Target Identification

Required Equipment:

  • Safe and serviceable SEMI-AUTO pistol or revolver
  • At LEAST 2 magazines (four if Single Stack)
  • 2 speed loaders if revolver
  • Belt with suitable holster with ammunition carriers
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Hearing and Eye Protection are MANDATORY
  • Billed or brimmed hat
  • Student should bring a sack lunch (Water will be provided by Dodd & Associates)
  • Baseball Style hat