Basic Carbine



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This course will teach you the handling, ring and tactical usage of the carbine as a recreational tool, as well as a self defense weapon!


8 hours



General Overview:

This course is an entry level course for the beginning user/shooter who wishes to learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, and safety. Classroom work also includes: Lecture material on the nomenclature and history of the carbine. Operational controls of the weapons, loading and unloading the carbine, accessories, and maintaining the weapon.

Range work for this extensive class will cover such topics as:

  • Carbine characteristics and accessories as well as different carry/sling techniques.
  • Effectively and effciently mounting the gun from high and low ready positions
  • Performing quick and efficient reloads..
  • Handling your carbine with extreme confidence while shooting.
  • Defensive use of the carbine

Required Equipment:

  • Safe and serviceable carbine and at least two magazines.
  • 100 Rounds carbine ammo
  • Hearing Protection and Shooting Glasses are MANDATORY
  • Student should bring a sack lunch (Water will be provided by Dodd & Associates
  • Baseball Style hat