Tools for Training


Tools for Training

If you’re serious about shooting, there are certain items that you should have in your tool box. 

First, if you’ll be shooting a lot, a good pair of gloves are needed.  This will help reduce any hotspots you may get on your hand.  If that happens, shooting becomes painful, and then it’s not fun to shoot and will cause an involuntary flinch.  Now, the Rogers Shooting Gloves (which I’ll take a free plug here – we sell them on our website) are great. They were designed by Bill Rogers, specifically for shooting.  You’ll be very pleased if you get them.

Another item is an electronic timer.   Set it on delay so you can time yourself.  Let’s set up an example for a simple draw from the holster and breaking a shot:  Set the timer for a 10 second start delay.  The first beep would mean go, and if you had an end time set, then the second beep would mean stop. This way, you can keep of track of your progress  Simply jot down the time it took for the draw to breaking the shot.  You notice the first time was 3.5 seconds, and next time was 3.15 seconds.  Write this down in your training manual. 

Another item you’ll want to have is good (and I mean really good), electronic hearing protection, There are some great products on the market.  If you’re going to spend money on anything, make sure it’s good hearing protection because shooting will damage your hearing.  I’d give anything if someone had told me 45 years ago what kind of damage I can do to my hearing with guns.  Good hearing protection is going to be costly, but in the long run, it’s definitely going to be worth it. 

Next, is a lula loader. Now, this little device right here, you may also hear them referred to as maglula loaders. I simply call it a lula loader. It is designed to help load magazines, and fits in your pocket.  No more thumb pushing/pressing and no more pain when loading hundreds of rounds.  This thing will pay great dividends. 

And last but not least, of course, is a video camera to film yourself.  Nowadays, practically every cell phone comes with a decent camera and can be set up on a small tripod. You can pick up a tripod at Walmart, Amazon, and even in the checkout lines at grocery stores for only a few dollars.  You’ll be amazed what you see.  Sometimes you think, “Whoa!  I was just as smooth as silk!”  But then you watch the video playback, and might think, “Who is that stranger?  I don’t look like that.   Surely to goodness I’m not that bad.”  So, video yourself.  This is a great training tool that you could also make notes off of regarding what needs improvement and what you’re doing well.

So, those are a few items that I recommend you pick up if you’re going to be serious about shooting.  And don’t forget, track progress in your shooting notebook.  We hope to see at the range soon!