Holiday Safety

First, I want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year!

During this holiday season with an unprecedented pandemic, we still need to make SAFETY a top priority.

Travel Safety:

Prepare your car for winter conditions.  First, get a winter preparedness bag in the vehicle with enough supplies for all that may be in the car.  A few examples would be blankets, hand warmers, water, energy/snack bars, and a flashlight.  Also consider packing extra medication if anyone is on medicine and a fully charged spare charger for you r mobile device.  This is not all inclusive list.

Make sure your car is ready for the trip.  Cold weather wreaks havoc on car batteries. Inspect the post and connectors for corrosion and/or frays, or take your vehicle to your trusted mechanic for a safety inspection before traveling. 

Home Safety: 

Begin by considering your decorations.  If you are using an artificial tree, make sure it is fire resistant.  A live tree gets quite thirsty, so make sure you keep ample water available for it.  A dry tree will increase the likelihood of it catching on fire.  Speaking of fire, keep your tree away from the fireplace, if you have one.  And lastly, and this is a big one, check your lights for any frayed or exposed wires so they don’t spark. 

And if you are going to be away from home, make arrangements with a friend to check your home daily.  Have them pick up any deliveries, including mail, and review the general condition of your home.  Stealing packages from homes are a BIG thing nowadays.  If possible, have them delivered to a location that you know someone can take physical possession of the package.

Lastly, make sure you lock your vehicle if parked outside.  Watch the news, and you will see where neighborhoods are hit with multiple car burglaries.  Guess what?  Most of the time, the car was unlocked!


This is a biggie.  If you are out shopping, even if you are just going to run into the convenience store for one item, DO NOT leave the keys in the car, or worse, leave the car running.  That’s simply begging for it to be stolen.  Have a backseat full of gifts and want them make it home to the tree?  Don’t leave then in the back seat or visible through the window.  Take the time to place them in the trunk or in a concealed cargo area.  The same goes for your purse, weapon, etc.  Thieves are lazy and will target “soft” targets.  Make it hard for them, and they will most likely move on.

Personal Protection:

When you come out of the store and as you are walking to your car, get off your mobile phone, and pay attention to your surroundings.  If you see something that makes you uneasy, go back into the store, and ask for a security guard to escort you to your car.  Better to be safe, than sorry.  Once you are at your car, and of course you already have your keys out, look into the car and make sure it is empty.

By far this list is not all inclusive, but if you will just pay attention and plan ahead, your Christmas will be full of Christmas cheer!